Ashen Foundry

Ashen Foundry Knowledge Compendium

This compendium is maintained using information released from Intrepid Studios. We attempt to present a complete and consistent view of Ashes of Creation game mechanics as they are currently known. Some information is based on inference, rather than confirmed fact. As such, these sections will contain errors, but will continue to evolve and correct those errors as better information becomes available.

If you encounter any errors or inaccuracies, please post feedback in the appropriate forum thread on the forums.

Base Archetypes

Name Archetype Description
Tank The Tank is a classic damage mitigation and battlefield control class. A tank's job is to control a fight, to help the party mitigate incoming damage, and to dictate who is getting hit. They can take an unconscionable amount of punishment, and woe to those who ignore their commands.
Cleric In such a dangerous world, a Cleric is never wanting for friends. They can protect their allies in a number of ways, and when necessary, snuff the life out of others. Masters over the very essence of life, they can sense the broken and corrupted.
Ranger The Ranger is an elusive skirmisher. Death from afar is the Ranger's raison d'etre. A master of the bow and ranged combat, the Ranger is more than happy to let others get their hands dirty. No one else has such a keen eye in natural environments.
Mage In a world of high magic, no party would be complete without a Mage. Masters of the arcane, they bring terrible elements to bear in devastating spells. If reality needs changing in some fashion, ask a Mage to help.
Bard The Bard is a force multiplier, weaving songs of glory and conquest in battle which inspire his comrades to even greater heights. The Bard knows secret and powerful words, able to speak into being terrible nightmares, or to convince foes to become friends.
Fighter The Fighter is an expert in physical combat. A master of many weapons, this warrior strikes fear into the heart of his foes.
Rogue The Rogue is a master of opportunity, using skill, positioning, and the environment to dish out frightening amounts of damage. Between encounters, Rogues bolster the utility of a party by helping their friends to navigate dangers otherwise unseen.
Summoner The Summoner is never alone. Two hands are good, but in the Summoner's opinion four hands are always better. With the right tool for every job, there is no situation that a capable Summoner cannot handle.

Player Class Combinations

Playable classes in Ashes of Creation are comprised of a Primary Archetype and a Secondary Archetype. The class will inherit abilities from both archetypes, but be more strongly aligned with the ability set of the Primary Archetype. The same archetype may be selected twice, reinforcing a particular gameplay style to even higher levels. The matrix below describes the known player class combinations as a result of a certain Primary Archetype (rows) and Secondary Archetype (columns).

Currently, many class combinations are not formally announced or named, so the matrix will contain some missing data until all 64 class combinations are revealed.

Archetypes Bard Cleric Fighter Mage Ranger Rogue Summoner Tank
Bard Minstrel Soul Weaver Tellsword Magician Song Warden Trickster Songcaller Siren
Cleric Scryer High Priest Templar Oracle Protector Shadow Disciple Shaman Apostle
Fighter Bladedancer Highsword Weapon Master Spellsword Hunter Shadowblade Bladecaller Dreadnought
Mage Sorcerer Acolyte Battle Mage Archwizard Spellhunter Shadow Caster Warlock Spellstone
Ranger Bowsinger Soulbow Strider Scion Hawkeye Scout Falconer Sentinel
Rogue Charlatan Cultist Duelist Nightspell Predator Assassin Shadow Lord Shadow Guardian
Summoner Enchanter Necromancer Wild Blade Spellmancer Beastmaster Shadowmancer Conjurer Brood Warden
Tank Argent Paladin Knight Spellshield Warden Nightshield Keeper Guardian

Player Races

Name Racial Description
Dünir Stoic. Tradition. Forge. Most of the peoples from the old world would see a mountain and think nothing of it, the Dünir saw defensible home where riches abound. The Dünir take immense pride in what they craft and what they build; fortifications that seem impregnable, warhammers that never break, or beautiful gems for that their royalty are all in their repertoire. Don't be deceived by their stout stature, the're pound for pound the strongest warriors the world has ever known.
Niküa Family. Freedom. Courage. Where the Dünir saw mountains as home, the Niküa saw it as a prison. How could they complete the great hunt inside a cave? The craft of their brothers doesn't elude them though, they too are highly skilled artisans. Instead of jewelry for nobles, the Niküa see crafting as a right of passage and the advancement of family. Will you progress your people from the mountains of your ancestors?
Empyrean Imperial. Pride. Culture. Though not as numerous as the Kaelar, the Empyreans are a force to be reckoned with. Elite military forces and a highly structured government, the people of Empyrea surely have a plan to carve their place in the world.
Py'rai Nature. Balance. Fury. All things come to balance in time, and nature always has her way. Don't let their love for nature fool you though, the Py'rai rarely take prisoners. Whether it is by bow or spear, the Py'rai's legacy will take root.
Kaelar Build. Order. Civilization. These are the Foundational Principles of the Kaelar. Their empire in the old world spanned the largest of all, and they plan to do the same in this world. Extremely loyal to their roots, the Kaelar will rise to the challenge.
Vaelune Trade. Law. Hardship. The Vaelune were forged in the heat of the desert, and came out anew. Through focusing on trade, the Vaelune became one of the wealthiest empires in the land. They're no stranger to the idea of kill or be killed, whether it be the beasts in the harsh desert or the snakes in the market square.
Ren'kai Honor. Power. Tranquility. Through staying centered their power only grows. The Ren'Kai believe in ultimate focus and controlling their immense power. When a Ren'Kai becomes enraged though, there aren't many men or beasts who can live and tell the tale.
Vek Celestial. Purpose. Fate. When one stargazes they find what beauty lies beyond our world, when The Vek stargaze they find what fate lies beyond our time. Star maps, numerology, and prophecy are integral parts of each Vek's life. Great leaders read the heavens for how wars will go, which empires will rise and fall, and the Vek often ask themselves "are we too late?".
Tulnar A mysterious race which remained on Verra, fleeing to survive in the under-realm to survive when all others fled through the divine gateways.

Weapon Types

One-Handed Melee

  • Axe
  • Club
  • Dagger
  • Mace
  • Sword

Two-Handed Melee

  • Greataxe
  • Greatsword
  • Staff
  • Polearm

One-Handed Ranged

  • Spellbook

Two-Handed Ranged

  • Staff
  • Bow

Off-Hand Only

  • Shield
  • Orb

Armor Types

  • Heavy Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Cloth Armor

Active Effects and Game Mechanics

Damage Effects Effect Description
Damage Reduces the Health of the affected target.
Damage Over Time Gradually reduces the Health of the affected target for a period of time.
Bleed Physically mitigated damage-over-time.
Riposte Automatically counter-attack against enemies who strike the target in melee.
Burn Deal magical damage-over-time.
Healing Effects Effect Description
Heal Increase the Health of the affected target.
Mana Heal Increase the Mana of the affected target.
Heal Over Time Gradually increase the Health of the affected target.
Resurrect Return a dead target to life, typically at reduced levels of Health and Mana.
Buff Effects Effect Description
Protect Divide damage between the player and the Protected ally.
Absorb Damage reduction applied prior to other sources of mitigation.
Physical Damage Reduction Reduce the amount of Damage taken from physical sources.
Magical Damage Reduction Reduces the amount of Damage taken from arcane sources.
Reduced Damage Taken Decreases the amount of Damage taken from all sources.
Increased Healing Received Increases the amount of additional Health provided by incoming healing spells.
Increased Block Chance Improved percentage chance to block incoming physical attacks.
Increased Disable Defense Increases the chance the target will resist harmful control effects.
Prevent Death The target cannot due during the effect.
Increased Evasion Gain an additional chance to avoid incoming attacks.
Increased Damage Deal increased damage to all targets for the duration of the effect.
Debuff Effects Effect Description
Increased Damage Taken Increases the amount of Damage the affect target will receive from attacks.
Hate Adds threat, making enemies more likely to attack the player.
Force Target Causes enemy targets to automatically switch targets towards the player.
Hate Over Time Increases threat gradually over a period of time, making the target more likely to attack the caster.
Lose Target Cause an enemy to lose track of their current target.
Reduce Hate Reduce the player's threat with an enemy, making it less likely the enemy will attack them.
Physical Vulnerability The target suffers increased damage taken from physical sources
Magical Vulnerability The target suffers from increased damage taken from magical or elemental sources.
Control Effects Effect Description
Stun Temporarily disables all movement and actions
Knockdown Disables enemy actions and movement through a forced animation.
Slow Reduce the movement speed of the affected target.
Immobilize The target is rooted to the ground, disabling all movement but allowing other actions.
Movement Effects Effect Description
Pull Pull a distant enemy towards the player.
Charge Move rapidly towards a distant enemy.
Knockback Push a nearby enemy back some distance.
Escape Leap backwards from your current position.
Break Free Escape active non-animation based control effects.
Dash Leap forward from your current position.