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Underrealm and Dunir Dungeon Environments

Multiple vertical levels in an open central chamber In their latest live stream on January 18th, Intrepid showcased pre-recorded footage of both a prototype under-realm environment which is present in their ongoing Alpha Zero game build as well as a new Dunir themed dungeon environment which they are working to add to the game world.  I've embedded links to the Twitch recording, each starting at the time-stamp when the relevant dungeon was shown. It's definitely worth taking a look, the new environments are beautiful. 

The underrealm video showcased both environmental footage as well as some new crystalline feline predators which dwell in these caverns. Unsurprisingly, the colorful bioluminesence of the underrealm areas really showcases Ashes' high fantasy color palette and makes the most of Unreal 4s potential for gorgeous lighting. 

The Dunir dungeon showed some new art assets which have been integrated into the game engine and also reinforced the impressive way that Intrepid is using the z-axis to provide additional depth and a sense of scale to their locations in game. 

Underrealm Environment Video

Dunir Dungeon Environment

What did you think of these new areas? Anything in particular stand out to you from the videos that Intrepid shared? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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    It certainly looks amazing, especially the lighting and the perception of depth.

    I hope that it maintains the latency, stability and frame rates when having players casting skills and running around in its environment. Otherwise, it would be a shame to have such a beautiful environment that few players can immerse in, because most players play on near-min-graphics for higher frames on their non-top-tiered computers.

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    I think your concerns about performance are well taken @Latin, but I do think in addition to the sheer beauty of the game that performance/stability is one of the benefits they should unlock by going with Unreal 4. Since they are going with the "big name" in U4, they will get a lot of client-side optimization, driver support, flexible graphics settings/scalings at relatively low cost. I think on the performance side of things for Ashes I'm a bit more worried about latency/netcode performance gaps especially in larger PvP battles than I am worried about how the client side rendering will hold up.

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