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The Ashen Herald - Heraldcraft, Episode 9: Center of Power

Greetings, Ashes fans!  This podcast episode discusses the center of power in the node system, City Hall!  Please enjoy!

The Herald is joined by fellow guild-mates from Sons of the Seven - Khazidd, Atropos and NateSmooth.

Check out NateSmooth on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

Find out more about the Sons -

Find the Herald on the internet:

Wishing you the best,


About Daedelus:

Daedelus has been a gamer at heart his entire life.  His first MMO, Ultima Online, began his adventures in the exciting genre of MMORPGs. Join him as he ventures into Verra as the Ashen Herald.

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    Administrator153 Posts

    Thanks for having me on the show @Daedelus, was a lot of fun chatting with everyone.

    Creator of Ashen Foundry and Tamriel Foundry. Former guildmaster of Entropy Rising. Economist and MMO enthusiast.

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    Thanks for joining the Heraldcraft, buddy!  Great discussion!


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