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The Ashen Herald - Heraldcraft, Episode 2: Bring the Pain

Heraldcraft, Episode 2: Bring the Pain

The Heraldcraft podcast returns with musings on the character archetypes in Ashes of Creation!  This episode discusses the fighter!  

Special guest and friend of the channel, Tyfurious, joins the discussion - Ty co-hosts a podcast with a focus on tabletop gaming called "Playin' and Slayin'," which can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast services.  You can also follow the show on Twitter - @playnslaynshow .  

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About Daedelus:

Daedelus has been a gamer at heart his entire life.  His first MMO, Ultima Online, began his adventures in the exciting genre of MMORPGs. Join him as he ventures into Verra as the Ashen Herald.

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