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The Ashen Herald - Heraldcraft, Episode 12: The Loyal Few

Greetings, Ashes fans!  The Heraldcraft returns with a discussion on guilds and guild progression.  Join the panel as they discuss their thoughts on this topic, in light of the recent livestream updates from the Intrepid Team.

Find Radical Knave on the Internet - Behind the Voice Actors, Radical Knave#9068 on Discord

Find Zeke on the Internet: YouTube

Find Simurgh on the Internet - YouTube, Twitch

Find The Couch Nerd on the Internet - Twitch, Twitter, Ashen Portal Discord

Find the Herald on the internet:

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About Daedelus:

Daedelus has been a gamer at heart his entire life.  His first MMO, Ultima Online, began his adventures in the exciting genre of MMORPGs. Join him as he ventures into Verra as the Ashen Herald.

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