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Greetings, Ashes fans!  This is YOUR Ashen Herald, Daedelus, bringing you content on the Intrepid Studios MMO, Ashes of Creation.  Join me as we venture into the world of Verra - covering the latest news and information, theorycrafting and more!  Below is a small sample of some of my videos.  If you enjoy the content, please like, subscribe and share on your social media platforms of choice!

Heraldcraft Episode #1: Forming the Party -  The inaugural episode of my theorycrafting segment begins with discussion on class and group dynamics.   Special guest and friend of the channel, Tyfurious, joins the discussion - Ty co-hosts a podcast with a focus on tabletop gaming called "Playin' and Slayin'," which can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast services.  You can also follow his show on Twitter - @playnslaynshow .     

The Ashen Highlights - A news segment covering the key details from the latest developer livestream!

The Herald's Top 10:  Why I'm Hyped for Ashes of Creation - We all have our top 10 reasons for being excited about Intrepid's groundbreaking endeavor, here's mine!

I welcome any and all feedback on my content.  If you're looking to contact me, see below.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Wishing you the best,


About Daedelus:

Daedelus has been a gamer at heart his entire life.  His first MMO, Ultima Online, began his adventures in the exciting genre of MMORPGs. Join him as he ventures into Verra as the Ashen Herald.

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    Wooohoo! Awesome work @Daedelus. Thanks for posting your series. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for new episodes :)

    Creator of Ashen Foundry and Tamriel Foundry. Former guildmaster of Entropy Rising. Economist and MMO enthusiast.

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    Thanks for the feedback and support! Great work on the site by the way! It’s a go to resource for fans and theorycrafters alike. :)



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