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KOS and the Untouchable

     Mortal Online is a medieval, low fantasy, hardcore, full loot PVP open world, sand box game. It is also a very small community the peak in my time playing was about 1200 players. That is total not even concurrent players. Checking this on Steam charts on 11-8 in the last 30 days it has had a peak of 210 concurrent players, and a average of 144.8 players. I want to make this clear though Mortal Online is a great game. However due to poor marketing, failed steam launch, poor optimization, and a small underfunded dev team the game has been dying long before I even found it and began playing.  

     Why is any of this important though? Put very simply a smaller player base makes the game in many of its aspects better. A small player base makes it harder for even the smallest guild to go unnoticed, or even a single player. One persons actions could shake the world. Civil wars, military coups, guild wars, or in some cases complete server wars could all come from one misstep. 

     The KOS and the untouchable. Mortal is in a constant state of world PVP between Anti-RPK guilds against RPK guilds, and RPK guilds versus pretty much anyone not in their immediate alliance. It should be noted that in mortal PVP and wars are not necessarily the same thing. To go to war in Mortal involves actively hunting specific players, destroying their territory control buildings, and in the case of using the actual war mechanic in the game being able to engage members of that guild even in safe zones without any penalty at all. That last part caused the birth of war deck guilds, but that is an entirely different subject. In this world where depending on what kind of guild you were in 1 in 2 or 7 in 10 were KOS there was one guild that most of the player base never really touched. They were a neutral crafting guild who owned the center most keep on the main continent. They were rich widely being regarded as having some of the best artisans on the server. They had the central most keep spot which was ideal if not difficult to defend from, and yet no one ever went after them. Simply they were so good at crafting, and so well networked no one could touch them. They were untouchable. They had so many players and guilds relying on them for their goods that if they were to be war decked the very defining line of anti-RPK and RPK would disappear. Pray to whatever deity you server if you were dumb enough to wage war on them for demons and angels would be descending on you. This is a very simple look into mortal without spending a week writing a article on it. Regardless my conclusion......

     With this information in mind I have a few questions for the community. 

1st Will a world like mortal be possible with a much bigger player base, or will conflict be largely localized? 

2nd Will PVP be truly open as it is in mortal? Will RPK be seen as war? Will we even have Anti-RPK and strictly RPK guilds?

3rd With a larger player base will we see guilds become untouchable?

Also feel free to post any questions about mortal and I will do my best to answer them. I do understand that I am not the best writer and will gladly clarify anything that doesn't make sense.

About Imorik:

10 year mmorpg vet current DCN community member. Former co leader of Knights Templar in Mortal Online.

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    Hey @Imorik, great post! I definitely expect that individuals and guilds in Ashes will maintain their own KOS lists, there will definitely be individuals and guilds of individuals who develop a reputation for ganking and for instigating PvP (maybe i'll be one of those people, muahahaha). I agree with your implication that it's easier for small communities to self-manage and have strong reputational effects, but even in large games I've seen this done effectively. Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on Ashes as we make the slow march towards launch.

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