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Use this topic to introduce yourself to the Ashen Foundry community. 

What you include in your introduction is entirely up to you, but some nice things to feature include your gaming background, what attracted you to Ashes of Creation, and what are you most looking forward to about the game.

About Atropos:

I am a dedicated gamer and MMO enthusiast who has been involved with MMO communities since EverQuest. As the creator of Tamriel Foundry and Ashen Foundry, I love the challenge of building platforms and tools for MMO communities to flourish.

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    I’m Ethan Macfie, better known as Isarii around these parts of the internet. I've been a content creator in the MMO space for a bit now, getting my start on Tamriel Foundry - Ashen Foundry's older sister site! I eventually branched off to my own blog, The Errant Penman, and began writing as a freelance MMO journalist for sites like, and Eventually, I began diversifying my content, and I now regularly podcast with The Dungeon Crawler Network and create videos on my (relatively new) YouTube channel.

    I’m a recovering hardcore gamer who at this point is mostly looking to have fun without taking anything too seriously. I’ve been on the MMO scene for a long time now, getting my feet wet with games like RuneScape (back when it was 2D) and my all time favorite, Star Wars Galaxies. Once the hook of the virtual world had set in, there was no turning back for me.

    Offline I live in Portland, OR, where I fulfill most of the stereotypes with recreational eating, cheering on the Portland Timbers MLS team, and being insufferably snobbish about my beer. I'm an accountant by trade, and I have a corgi named Doomhowl.

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    Truth Eternal

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    Heyya, I'm Dan, but most call me Truth Eternal (or Truth, if you'd like) around the Ashes community. I've recently begun creating content for Ashes with my Journal of Ashes, a community participation "choose your own adventure" story series on YouTube. I'll also have a personal Ashes content channel releasing regular content upon alpha launch. Games like Kingdom of Drakkar, Legends of Kesmai,  and AOL Neverwinter Nights gave me my start in online gaming, but like many gamers, my love for the MMO genre solidified about 15 years ago when MMOs really hit the mainstream. And now, I'm excited to take this love into what we all hope is a top-tier MMO in Ashes of Creation.

    By day, I live in Dallas, TX, work in finance, love home brewing and single-malt scotch, and work part-time as a voice over actor. 

    Truth Eternal

    Journal of Ashes/Heavenly Sword Gaming

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    Like Isarii, I too come from Tamriel Foundry, but instead of putting letters in a row to be distributed across half the MMO-related internet, I actually did humanity a favour by keeping the forums neat and orderly. The TF community has praised my work many times, calling it an "abuse of power" (which is internet forums jargon for exhibiting good judgement in adequately responding to infractions and misbehaviours) and "nazi tactics" (efficient, ruleful and effective). I intend to moderate Ashen Foundry with that same level of fairness and meticulosity.

    My MMORPG history includes WoW, SWTOR, GW2 and ESO, and against all reason, I still haven't been able to stop myself from looking into more rather than just settling for one, getting to love all its flaws and imperfections, to spend the rest of my days in contentment and bliss. Mostly because I don't care about MMOs that much to need that my life.

    In my free time, I like to take a look at foreign languages, because most of the ones I already know are too horrible to live with, and I watch too much professional comedy to find anything normal people say or do even vaguely amusing.

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    I suppose I should reply to my own topic:

    I am a dedicated gamer who has been deeply invested in MMO communities since EverQuest which introduced me to the genre shortly before the release of Ruins of Kunark. While EQ introduced me to MMOs, Dark Age of Camelot was the game which was most influential for me, defining much of my attitude and preferences regarding MMO design concepts. 

    I have played most major MMO releases to a certain extent, however the following games are ones where I was heavily invested for a meaningful length of time. I have highlighted certain games in blue as ones which are most formative for my attitudes towards MMO gaming.

    EverQuest | Dark Age of Camelot | Star Wars Galaxies | World of Warcraft | Age of Conan | Dungeons and Dragons Online | Warhammer Online | RIFT | Star Wars the Old Republic | Guild Wars 2 | Elder Scrolls Online

    In addition to my enthusiasm as a participant in the MMO gaming community, I am also the proud creator and developer of Tamriel Foundry, the precursor to this site and a hub for discussion and community development in The Elder Scrolls Online. In addition to developing the Tamriel Foundry site I was also the guild-master of Entropy Rising, a highly competitive PvX guild which pushed the frontier of ESO's content during beta and after launch. The ER guild is currently inactive, but many of our members are keeping a close eye on Ashes of Creation!

    With Ashes of Creation I am venturing once again into a long-term MMO project with what I hope will be the next great game to generate a new set of awesome experience and great memories. The About Us page gives more detail on my objectives with Ashen Foundry and what I hope this community can grow to be. I'm really excited to see where things go from here.

    Creator of Ashen Foundry and Tamriel Foundry. Former guildmaster of Entropy Rising. Economist and MMO enthusiast.

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    I am Aggelos, Founder of The Dungeon Crawler Network and the first Ashes of Creation podcast, From The Ashes! I started my MMORPG career with Ultima Online and upon finding Ashes of Creation I noticed alot of similarities to that game that got me hook on MMORPGs all those years ago! I was so excited that I talked my wife into joining me on another podcast for the network and starting off on the journey together like we did all those years ago for our first podcast!

    Looking forward into leading my community into this untamed world of Ashes of Creation and plan to make our mark on the world...and then report about it on the podcast!

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    Longtime user of Tamriel Foundry here :) Love the site!

    I run Legacy Gaming ( which consists of 3 guilds across Star Citizen, AoC, and CoE. "Imperium" ( is our pride and joy Ashes guild focusing on carrying on our Veritas legacy. Legacy Fleet ( is our premiere SC group featuring the famous Legacy Instructional Series by our in-house Air Force members. In CoE we maintain the "Royal Military" for the Kingdom of Vornair, a 5k+ player kingdom spanning massively over 50 discords.

    While we also have a number of Star Citizen projects, current AoC projects include "Raidprep" which is a one-of-a-kind Discord/Google Sheet/Teamspeak syncing service- utilizing scripts and bots to automate guild roster maintenance, logistics tasks, raid/event attendance tracking and more without human intervention, - currently the most comprehensive wiki out there, and "Tales of Creation", from the hosts of both "Tales of Tyria" (GW2) and "The Town Crier" (CoE) - going on a "less is more" approach to higher-quality monthly episodes for Ashes of Creation.

    Future working projects include a character/skill builder (the one to beat them all) to add-on to our wiki, and also a launcher with coordination from developers in our community and Twitch devs to provide a "Curse-like" approach to a super-launcher, complete with news, live streams, mods (as allowed) and more.

    If I am hardcore at anything it's being a dad to my 1 year old daddy's girl and son entering pre-K this fall. If I am not gaming on the PC most of my time is spent in wrestling/tickling matches with them and movies. 

    My discord is: Freelancer#6398 on the official AoC Discord if needed. Hopefully I see you all with our leadership team in the Phoenix Initiative as well. Fun times ahead.

    Again, I love the site and can't wait to see where this can go! I plan on forwarding some of our internal articles here (if approved) and possibly writing some unique content as well.  Whatever drives traffic. 

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    Hello.  I was on Tamriel Foundry for a while and have been playing MMOs since Ultima Online way back in the day.  Right now the only MMO I really play is Final Fantasy XIV casually, which works for me as there are lots of other games to play.

    I also now play a lot of PlayStation 4 games much to @atropos's dismay.

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    Greetings everyone, 

    I'm Elloa. I'm a dreamer, a true carebear and a social gamer. I have been seduced by Anarchy Online in 2003. The possibility for me to explore virtual worlds and live adventures with people from all arround the globe touched me right in the heart. I buy my first computer with the money I saved for my initiatic travel in India, and traded my hippy lifestyle for a geek lifestyle - which is very significant of how important this discovery was for me.

    I didn't played much Anarchy Online, but the switch was made. My next gaming experience would be World of Warcraft that I played for 7 years non stop. I've been (almost) everything in WOW, newbie, Roleplay community leader, events organiser, blogger, project creator, PVPguild Officer (yes Elloa was a PVPer once!), Semi Hardcore Raiding officer, Social guild leader etc...

    Then I decided to explore other games: Aion, Rift, Tera, Ages of Conan, SWTOR, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Wildstar, The Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Black Desert...

    TODAY, I'm a Youtuber, Streamer, ASMR Artist, Community builder and Community Manager for Saga of Lucimia, working in pair with my beloved boyfriend @Nicky, that I met in The Elder Scrolls Online.

    I'm very excited about Ashes of Creation as it embodies many of the aspects I'm dreaming for a game. A virtual world to explore, to discover, together with others. A world shaped by players intervention and communities. I can't wait to contribute to the creation of a wonderful, harmonious, warm-hearted, gentle and respectful community on one of the servers.

    Links in my signature.

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    Heyo, Lethality here... ! My parents sometimes call me Bill. I guess it's time for an origin story...

    My first MMO was Ultimate Online in '97, then Asheron's Call, (not EverQuest)!  I also messed around with some online MUDs and multiplayer CompuServe, Prodigy and GEnie games (I'm old), but I'm not inclined to really include those in my official MMO backstory. By this point, I was hooked with the promise of online gaming.

    As the years rolled on, I found that I love following the development of these games as much as (or more than?) playing them. I've run several fansites in the past, most notably Ask A Jedi, one of the major fansites for Star Wars: The Old Republic at its peak. I also had Nexus Cribs (now offline), a WildStar housing project.

    And through all of that, I found MMO gaming communities are unique in that they have a way of uniting players who rally behind a particular game... sharing that bond with fellow players who you know have the same battle scars as you do, and walked similar roads as you have - maybe even together.  And I love being a part of them.

    Let me do the list, since that seems to be the custom! I believe I've at least tried every major MMO release since the beginning, but these are the ones I played in at least a dedication fashion, if just for a short time. Blue ones were my most memorable:

    Ultimate Online | Asheron's Call | Star Wars Galaxies | Asheron's Call II | EVE Online | EverQuest II | World of Warcraft | Lord of the Rings Online | Warhammer Online | Vanguard | Star Wars: The Old Republic | Guild Wars 2 | ArcheAge | Black Desert 

    I just love the possibility these virtual worlds hold, and I really feel like we're at the beginning of a new renaissance with games like Ashes of Creation, Chronicles of Elyria, Star Citizen and others... particularly due to the concept and technology afforded by SpatialOS. That is next-level stuff that lets indie developers really take some chances on creative ideas without having to develop core tech that not even the big studios would or could tackle!

    Looking forward to going on this Ashes of Creation adventure with all of you! :)

    World-class indoorsman.

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    Hi I am Weolo

    I love playing computer games and especially MMO's, something which I can get absorbed into and really enjoy.

    I have played computer games of all types for sooooo many years that it would take me half an hour to list out all the games which I have already played. I am pretty sure that computers were not invented when I started :D.. or electricity.. or the sun.

    I am really looking forward to playing Ashes of Creation to get back to a solid game which is not pay to win. While I am waiting for the game to be developed and released I have joined the lovely Elloa and charming Nicky on their discord channel.

    Can't wait to play, see you in game for fun and adventure

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    Hey, nice to be here. I am Tonsha on Tamriel Foundry and I currently work as a content writer at a mobile games company. In my free time I play games, look after cats, and try to keep up with the bunch of voluntary responsibilities I've picked up. Currently squatting in Star Wars: The Old Republic organising a bunch of roleplay nerds while we wait for the next train to come in. 

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    Qoggish wrote on July 5, 2017, 10:46 a.m.

    and try to keep up with the bunch of voluntary responsibilities I've picked up.

    Too real.

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    Friends and beautiful people of the interwebs,

    My name is David Angel, however more known for my commonly used moniker around the lands of the online world as Sarumonin. Much like previous registrants here in this beautiful forum board, I too have been playing games since I was a child. As for the MMORPG genre, I only really started in my teen years - which gave me a brand new insight into the online world. I've always enjoyed the MMO genre, as I feel it brings the world closer rather than realizing the truth of how distant we all are as people due to diverse locations.

    I've ran guilds, gaming communities, and groups of fans for games in order to hype up games since a young age. I ran my first clan at the age of 13 called The Blood Ravens, which of course didn't last very long - about two years to be accurate. After this, I started to look more into fast paced games, which is when I learned of GunZ from Ijji Games. The game was fun, the staff was great and I received my first job as Moderator, which eventually turned me into a volunteer Game Master (GM) [Volunteer due to my age at the time] and I began learning the ins and outs of community management. After a couple of years working with Ijji, they unfortunately shut down and merged with Aeria Games. I've been working as a PR Manager, Marketing Consultant and a "Hype Meter" behind the scenes for gaming companies in North America - and as of recently have stepped down from those titles to focus on my own fun. I was also a part of Guardians of the Light, which didn't last that long as after a few months I decided to create "Eterna Gaming". Eterna became a huge name fast, worldwide. Helping MMORPG communities grow, with asking in return other than growth and positivity. Again, the community grew way too fast. Over the 4 years it was a brand, over 5,000 players had registered with us and though we loved the strength and love for the MMO genre, we had to tear down the whole brand earlier this year. I now lead a brand new gaming community known as Ascendum Gaming ( and it's been a great learning experience - as a Guild Leader, Community Manager and someone who had to take care of all the PR work. 

    With Ashes of Creation, I've been extremely excited since the announcement in December and decided to work with a couple of people to hype the game a bit - such as DeathsProxy. There was a Discord created for the game the same day as the announcement, and we were gathering fans from other games such as Revelation Online, Dark and Light, Archeage and other AAA titles that has not yet made their spotlight or died off. At this point, we had Steven join the Discord and after a few weeks of discussion and different ideas introduced, Steven took over the Discord and made it the Official Ashes of Creation Discord. Since then, we've watched the community grow and I became a Moderator on January of this year with my fellow Mods Shunex, Cemmos and DeathsProxy. 

    Personally, not as Moderator - just a simple fan for Ashes of Creation, I am extremely excited to see this community grow and flourish. With so many MMORPGs, publishers and developers of all tiers promising the world and failing to deliver, I have my full trust in Intrepid Studios. To state the obvious, this is the last MMORPG that I put my faith into, as I am sure hundreds of thousands of players side with me on this thought. 

    I can't to see you all in-game and enjoying the world that Intrepid has created. Much love to you all. <3

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    Isarii wrote on July 5, 2017, 10:59 a.m.
    Qoggish wrote on July 5, 2017, 10:46 a.m.

    and try to keep up with the bunch of voluntary responsibilities I've picked up.

     Too real.

     I'd pity you but I'm too busy pitying myself. 

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    Bows humbly before the Foundry architects...

    You did extremely well with Tamriel Foundry, helping to shape an influential, intellectual community. I expect no difference here, within the forum halls of the Ashen Foundry.

    I, alas, am no one. A ghost. Just another voice in the thrall who unlocks a door here, and illuminates an alternate path there. I plant a seed in the mind where a thought needs to be.

    I believe Ashes will become a once in a lifetime anomaly, that changes the face of gaming forever. But through changing perceptions of its players and binding them together. For me its a social engineering project trying to protect and restore, what little remains of humanity in the world around us. A Community game. A game built upon the premise of Global Cooperation to enable evolution and competition ensuring its demise. So, I will add oil to lubricate its cogs and throw water on flames of its destruction. And let the players simulate the fate of reality that lies before them. Choice. What will they choose ? Greed, charity or mutual prosperity.

    ...and takes his place, once again, in the shadows.

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    Hi all,

    I'm Glosterian from the UK. 

    Minimal gaming background compared to many - mostly Elder Scrolls from (original) Morrowind in 2002, through to ESO presently as a subscriber. (Also the brilliant 'Tamriel Foundry' of course!)

    Heard of Ashes of Creation from an ESO Guild member's comment in chat a couple of weeks ago ... absolutely and immediately 'clicked' with the concept of real player freedom and involvement in this game. Really want to believe it and am  at the stage of 'daring to believe' - but also watching warily to see if it will actually happen!

    Tonight I was watching Death Proxy's Youtube site about AoC and he'd flagged Isarii's article re MMO 'Identity Crisis' - fascinating and helpful, Isarii - which has now led me to you here.

    I'm playing ESO but rarely have been engaging much with 'the community' in any real interaction because I often don't know the terms, or react more slowly in game than guild colleagues, So I tend to be a crafter/ranger/generally lone explorer. I'm hoping that AoC's style of engagement will enable me to become more of a real MMO/group player also.

    IRL I'm maybe an unusual gamer. I'm 61 years old, and work full-time for a charity.

    I've joined you because it's clear that if AoC does actually deliver the goods then it'll be a phenomenal game.  I look forward to being here and learning from the community.

    Every hoopy frood needs his towel!

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    Hey @Glosterian welcome aboard, glad to have your here!

    Out of curiosity, I didn't actually know Proxy had limited to that video. Happen to got a link?

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    Hello everyone. Pretty good fansite and I found about it just in time as i was getting sick of a lot of things on the official Discord and forums. I think this website will be where i will keep an eye on and proudly be a part of!

    A little bit about myself. I live in Turkey and roll on EU servers. I'm mainly competitive PvP focused but i enjoy challenging PvE content as well as role playing in front of my enemies on the battlefield. I also wouldn't mind picking flowers on my Freehold every now and then ;) I've been playing MMOs ever since i was a kid, my most recent and decent MMORPG story is about ArcheAge. I played that game and i still do ever since early Friends & Family Alpha days. I run a PvP guild there called Reborn and I'm planning on transferring all my guys to Ashes and keep kicking asses! We are a hostile guild who fights every other guild and player in the server. Even though i think i have the best friendliest people in my guild, don't expect them to show friendly behaviour in game! :D I just hope that everyone we fight is eager enough to realise that PvP and PK is part of the game and it's not a personal insult when someone steals from you!

    Looking forward to meet you all and see you in game!


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    The first MMORPG I tried was Myth of Soma, a British game if I recall correctly, and at that time back in 1996 all I had was a 33,6 modem and a horrible (and horribly expensive) internet connection.  Knowing that I could actually interact with other people though hooked me onto MMORPGs.  From there I moved to Lineage 2 where I played for around 10 years making friends (and enemies) whom I still talk to to this day.  I have been known as Cydonius, Cydo or Elfo since those good times.  While I have tried many games after L2, including Perfect World, Aion, Tera, Archeage, none of them have managed to recreate the feeling of community and excitement that L2 had.  I'm hoping that I find this same feeling in Ashes !

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    Greetings and Salutations lovely members of the forum.

    My forum name is also a savvy make-up of my real name. RoseEli for Rose Elisabeth. However, my actual Greek name is Triantafyllia (and I challenge you to try and say that, if you dare!) I am a native Greek speaker as well as an English speaker. However, I also speak fluent sarcasm…as you might notice from my forum signature.

    Born and raised in Greece, some bad situations and a terminal illness of a family member turned me to videogames. Starting in college at that time of life was probably not the best of times to get hooked on games, but alas, it did happen. My main first kinds of games were 3rd person action-adventure style games such as Syberia, the Longest Journey, Black Mirror and Myst. I graduated from those into MMOs in 2001.

    First MMO I touched was Lineage2, back in the time where there were two kinds of MMO players: the ones that played WoW and the ones that didn’t. I was part of the latter. L2 took up 8 glorious years of my life! To this day, I still consider those gaming years the most fun, adventurous and social ones. I made friends, I made many enemies that became friends in the end (such as Cydonius). In L2, we had our guild (albeit a small one), but a successful one. It was oriented to raiding, pvp and sieging. The pve and crafting aspects always seem to just happen in games, in my view, so I never put much planning or pre-emptive thought into such tasks. But l2 came to an end in 2008. After that, many games were played, and many were a disappointment. To name a few, PerfectWorld, Eve Online, Aion, Diablo, Diablo 3, Devilian, Tera, AA, Wildstar and a lot of LoL. Some had good aspects to them, but none of them could fill that void that was left after L2 ended for me.

    Last year, an old l2 friend brought my attention to Ashes. I am the kind of person that goes where my friends go. It might not be the most stylish game, well designed, hyped, fabulous, but if I have friends playing it, then I shall play it as well. Ashes attracted me for a variety of reasons, some being the feeling of nostalgia that it woke in me of my L2 years, the style of it and the concept. I am hoping that it will not let me down, but we shall see.

    Currently, I am still playing Aion or LoL in my free time (of which there is not much). I am unfortunately not a huge forum person, I never have been. But I will put in a valiant effort to partake in here as much as possible.

    Always open to talking and helping when needed. I am generally a very easy going gal although at times I will be pushy and downright sarcastic, if the occasion is open to it.

    That is all! Thanks for listening!


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