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From The Ashes | Episode 36: Trolling With Taunts

From The Ashes | Episode 36: Trolling With Taunts - The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!  This week, Aggelos is joined by his largest cast to date including Gundel - the guild leader of Mythic, Sinbad - one of the guild leaders of Vengeance, Hands of Fate guild member - Shawnownu, co-guildmaster of Hands of Fate - Stormzlord, and the one and old Telchar of the Sons of the Seven! The crew get together for another Phoenix Roundtable segment to go over the latest livestream as well as many rabbit trails! Be sure to follow our guest hosts by looking in the Podcast Information section below!

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Show Notes:

  • Phoenix Roundtable: February 9th 2018 Livestream

Podcast Information:

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    Hey @Aggelos, glad to have the podcast back in my rotation! A couple thoughts having listened to this episode:

    1. Minor correction - there was not player collision in DAoC. It would have been cool if they had this as it would have really changed keep siege and group RvR dynamics, but you could just run straight through other players in Dark Age.
    2. As for nameplates and stealth, I think its dead certain that nameplates will be suppressed when a player or NPC is in stealth. I'm pretty sure the only reason this behavior isn't currently exhibited in the Alpha Zero build is just that they don't have the stealth system implemented at all yet.
    3. Regarding diminishing returns, I liked what you suggested about it being tied to a certain CC type, so you could cycle between stun.snare,root,etc... but further applications of the same type would be diminished. Other games have done this and it works pretty well.

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    Yeah @Atropos I got confused with Warhammer Online :D. DAoC had player collision in early alpha/beta testing but it was removed quite a bit before launch but Warhammer had it. I got my Mythic Entertainment MMOs messed up!


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