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Daybreak Games drama

Are you all watching the Daybreak Games drama at (and other places as well)?

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    Yep, I've been following along! It's a pretty interesting opportunity for Intrepid, but I'm uncertain what the best outcome would be. After thinking it over for a while, my own feelings on the matter are that the biggest opportunity here is to acquire some good people: industry veterans with skills that would complement the talent that Intrepid has already brought in.

    I am (personally) less enthusiastic about Intrepid acquiring the Daybreak IP and/or responsibility for ongoing support of products. 

    How are you feeling about it?

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    Im with you here Atropos, i personaly dont have any kind of Connection to most of the games Daybreak is taking care of. I started playing mmos late ( 2007, WoW ). But acquering the best staff they have to offer must be a win. But i trust Steven and the crew knows what best for AoC.

    Swede, loves playing healer in mmos, hates mmos without a true healing class. Even try to be a healer in PUBG .......


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