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Intrepid Announces Class Names

In a new official blog post, Steven revealed the full 8 by 8 class grid which constitutes the 64 playable classes in Ashes of Creation.

The 8x8 Class Grid

The rows in this grid denote the Primary Archetype for the class, while the columns indicate the Secondary Archetype. For example, a Bard+Rogue is a "Trickster". We have added these class definitions to our Knowledge Compendium page and will add further class-specific information as it becomes available.

Which class names stand out to you as particularly exciting? Are there any that you don't care for and think Intrepid should consider changing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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    I definitely like the majority of names Intrepid has announced. If I have to pick a couple that I particularly like or dislike:

    Biggest Likes

    • Bladedancer - great name for what should be a fun class
    • Falconer - pure awesome
    • Charlatan - I like this because it usually has a negative connotation, and class names in games are typically "heroic" so nice to see a class with a villainous ring to it (same for Cultist)
    • Spellstone - Sounds nice, mixture of defensiveness and arcana

    Biggest Dislikes

    • Argent - Doesn't really make sense in context, feels like they just picked something that was a cool word
    • Scion - Same as "Argent", cool sounding, but doesn't really apply
    • Nightspell, Soulbow, Spellhunter - Grouping these together because they don't really do it for me, but I can't quite say why. Maybe too generic?
    • Beastmancer and Spellmancer - putting "mancer" at the end of a word doesn't necessarily make it cool, guys
    • Tellsword - Intrepid really missed a trick here in my book, should obviously be "Skald"

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    My biggest likes:

    • Bowsinger - I want to hurl arrows from a guitar sooo bad!!
    • Warlock - to me sounds cool and dangerous
    • Falconer - Woah

    Biggest dislikes:

    • Scryer - Did someone just sneeze during the meeting?
    • Templar - The only reason i dislike this one is because it belongs in orange somewhere. This is not some basic bitch name it has been used for some of the best classes throughout MMORPG games.
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    I definitely love Bowsinger! I usually play mages or rangers but have always wanted to play cleric or bard. I'm hoping this will be a good mix of archery and magic/heal.

    Acolyte also seems like it would be interesting too :)

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    I had always planned on making my main character a Paladin. I must say though that the Soul Weaver sounds very interesting, as does the Shadowblade, Scout and the BattleMage. I always wanted to play a BattleMage, like I imaged Gandalf to be--Sword in one hand and a staff in another.

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    Being the awful person I am, I immediately searched for one to make fun of. It took longer than I thought it would - a credit to the overall list - but then I landed on "Tellsword". Oof.

    Apparently I'll be playing a Templar - or possibly a Highsword - and I'm pretty cool with that.

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    Of course I will be a Dreadnought; but wow some of the ideas here are really creative and they all make sense most of all. Impressed.

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    Was always going to play a paladin as my main and that will not change, there are some interesting class names in there, now it just remains to be seen if the skill system can allow the skill augments live up to the class names. I hope they can.

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    If I remember correctly they have talked about creature tamer/handler and I don't see a class which fits that.

    So does that mean it will be connected to other trees like crafting?

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    Weolo wrote on Dec. 28, 2017, 8:08 p.m.

    If I remember correctly they have talked about creature tamer/handler and I don't see a class which fits that.

     Good point, I seem to remember some Q&A like that as well. Maybe they are more imagining creature taming/handling for cosmetic pets? Like you can get some skill to tame a fangler which will follow you around as a non-combat pet?

    Certainly the Summoner archetype has plenty of varieties to choose from when it comes to using pets/summons in combat, although I wonder if any of the Summoner flavors have persistent pets, or only temporary summons.

    Creator of Ashen Foundry and Tamriel Foundry. Former guildmaster of Entropy Rising. Economist and MMO enthusiast.


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