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What Alpha Zero Abilities Reveal About Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics
During PAX Prime and over the past several months the developers at Intrepid have revealed a considerable amount of information about the combat mechanics which are present in the initial Alpha Zero of Ashes of Creation. The game is very early in development and many mechanics will undoubtedly change along the road to launch, however by analyzing common features and ... [ Continue Reading ]

Halloween Livestream - New Environmental Artwork

Development News
In their live-stream on October 31st, Intrepid shared some new environmental fly-through footage from the upcoming game build for Alpha 0 which is scheduled to begin in mid-December. Be sure to check out the full stream for this video and more fun details about what Intrepid is up to this Halloween.In addition to the video, they shared a collection of ... [ Continue Reading ]

Hands-On Impressions - An Impressive Debut

General Discussion
Hail Ashes community! PAX West is now behind us, marking an exciting milestone for Ashes of Creation and the Intrepid team. It took a lot of courage to show a playable build of the game just four short months after the Kickstarter was funded, but Ashes charged full steam ahead with an awesome booth setup to make the public debut ... [ Continue Reading ]

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Ashes of Creation - September 15th Live Stream Recap

This week's developer live stream was a mix of game-play (from the PAX experience) with developer commentary, some Alpha Zero detail reveals, concept art reveals and the standard Q&A wrap up. For those, like myself, that ate up every bit of content during PAX week, the game-play wasn't anything new. However, it was very insightful hearing Steven and his team ...

From The Ashes Episode 20: Combo System

From The Ashes Episode 20: Combo System – The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!This week, Aggelos is joined once again by Isarii, the ...

The Ashen Herald - Issue #5 - Guild Spotlight, Part 3

by DaedelusThe Ashes of Creation is a diverse and global community. The response to our spotlight series has been really positive so we’re taking some time to do more! In this issue, three more guild leaders are on deck to share information about their guilds. This time around we have gone global with two of the three guilds being from ...

PAX West Class Demo Abilities

Intrepid Studios recently announced their upcoming presence at PAX West in September, but fans received even more exciting news in a recent Twitch steam announcement from creative director Steven Shariff: Ashes will be playable at PAX! Shariff even gave specifics on the 4 classes that will be available for play in PvP and PvE settings on the show floor. In ...

Basic Group Dynamics in Ashes of Creation

Today the fine folks at Intrepid posted another post on their periodic developer blog which details the core structure of party-based gameplay and group dynamics planned for Ashes of Creation. We will see these group dynamics in action just one month from now when Ashes of Creation features live demos of both PvE and PvP gameplay at PAX West in ...